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Well, i’ve never used WordPress before but I have blogged at Blogspot and Livejournal when i was much younger, much more naive back then. So i guess the elements would be similar? The only blog i update at the moment is my Tumblr, my all time favourite escape! To be really honest, I was really excited when we were told to tweet and create a blog and to start blogging as it is one of our assessment. Since I am addicted to the social media and networking sites, this might be interesting I must say!


Hi my name is Vivyan Foo and i just turned 19. I’m living in the Sutherland shire and I’m 5’5. I’m a first year student doing the Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies. I’m not sure what I’m majoring at the moment but i guess I’ll find out as I go further into the course. I was born and bred in Malaysia until I’ve started moving to Sydney in January 2012.  I speak fluently in four languages; English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay although I’ve struggled in speaking fluent English when I first arrived especially from meeting new people because I get cold feet and begin to not talk properly. But with much hope, I got through that thanks to my high school friends that are not racist and gave no judgement at all. Now I’m looking forward to meeting another clique of friends that I would be able to get through this coming 3 years of uni together!

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About Vivyan Foo

19 years young. Internet, EDM & Food 🙌
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