Media fail? Air force fail? Or much worse?

malaysia-air-family-member    malaysian-airlines-plane-03

As well all know, or should have known about the missing Malaysia airplane MH370 which took place 2 hours after taking off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on the morning of 8th of March (local time). Until today, this tragedy is left mysterious and unsolved. In relation to “What are the media being blamed for today” to this unsolved mystery is that the media is being blamed for many false rumours and fake reports. Various media platforms such as radio channels and the television or other social networking sites such as Yahoo are top-notch in delivering the latest updates.

By hook or crook, there are particular “keyboard warriors” that seems to know more about aviation in matters of days after the news of the missing airplane were announced. Numerous victim’s family members and loved ones are disturbed and annoyed by the fake reports and rumours soaring around social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

“Pune: The family members of Kranti Shirsath are disturbed due to the articles related to the Malaysian airlines plane mishap being shared on social media forums by anonymous.”

The effect of social media on the victim’s family causes more frustration and dismay in them, as if they are not anxious and disheartened enough. On the other hand, the effect of media had influenced non-related audiences in believing the news were true. The audience then conceive their very own theory on their personal blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. News on the social medias reported possible scenarios that might have taken place such as it made a turn back to KLIA, it exploded in mid-air, incompetent pilots or the plane is being hijacked? But NONE was true.

“[#MASalert] Please be reminded that @MAS is the sole Twitter channel for Malaysia Airlines. No other account created for the MH370 incident.”

“[#MASalert] We’re fully aware of the ongoing speculations, however we have no new leads on the situation –  “

The above was quoted through the official account of Malaysia Airlines @MAS on Twitter.

Why does one ought to present a fake report? Is it the media to blame? Or do we blame the audience behind the keyboards?


Deshmukh, C. (2014). Social media rumors about Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 tragedy add to Shirsaths’ agony. Available: Last accessed 14th March 2014.

Brown, V. (2014). Missing MH370: Fake reports created by ‘immature’ Malaysians, says expert. Available: Last accessed 15th March 2014.


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