But first let me take a selfie!

“The medium is the message”



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The effects of a new medium brings societal or cultural changes to the audiences nowadays. 9 out of 10 teenagers have used social media. Instagram, my friend, is one of the highest rating online social networking app. Instagram works as a photo-sharing and video-sharing with the ability for users to apply and select the absolute filter provided by Instagram itself. The application allows users to share their photos/videos on various networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, it allows other users to like your photos and “follow” your Instagram.

Instagram was launched at the end of 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Statistic shows at least 75 million people uses Instagram on daily basis. One of the anticipated issues by using Instagram is that users “compete” to get more people to follow them. The more followers you have portrays the more famous you are. This has been proven true as there is a way for Instagram users to “buy” their followers and likes. How do you “buy” likes? It’s a process where you pay a certain amount of cash to websites such as this and you get instant likes on your pictures and instant increase in followers.



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Is popularity that essential and influential? For me, I use Instagram (and actually slightly addicted to it) because I want to share special moments or to take a selfie with a cute outfit. I use it as a photo diary where I get to reminisce when looking back at older photos. Since when media and social networking sites are the places for competition? I call these users attention seekers and celebrities-wannabe.

One of my concern in the future is would there be potential cyber war from users fighting for more followers? Generating jealousy? Are users using social media in the right way? Would the situation get out of control and legal actions needed to be taken?


To all Instagrammers, which user are you?


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