Media is the new “Simon says”


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“Why does it matter who controls the media?”

It absolutely does. Without knowing who controls the media, the world would be in a messy havoc right now. Everyone should have the rights and should be finding out who is the mastermind behind every single media you are using or have used including social medias.

It is clear that vast majority of the news media we are absorbing in through the newspapers, radio, magazines, television or even the internet are controlled and owned by only a a few powerful media corporations. It doesn’t matter if you read it through the internet or watched it through the television, the percentage of the source of the news are highly similar from the same corporations.

Online companies such as Google and Yahoo are becoming the major forces that controls extensive mass of the online media as the current younger generations are more hooked to their laptop and the availability of the internet allows the transmission of news to be more effective.

I’m reinforcing on the title, why does it matter who controls the media? It is our rights to gather and accept the utmost truthful and factual news all around the world. With the media being controlled by only a few powerful and large media corporations, the sources of the news or broadcasts are limited and become ‘standardised’ in its production and advertising process that conveys restrained messages. The implications? It’s the results of what the society hear and see in the mass media which is awfully similar and uniform in content, all over the world. Since we are being controlled by the media these days, there are no other choice but to accept and listen to the news broadcasted no matter it is true or false.

In conclusion, it matters who controls the media and everyone out there should investigate the mastermind behind every mass media you encounter.




Lutz, A. (2012). These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America. Available: Last accessed 28th March 2014.

Meier, W. A. (2000). Media Ownership–Does It Matter?. Meir cites Bagdikian, 300. Last accessed 28th March 2014





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One Response to Media is the new “Simon says”

  1. I think you make a really good point about Google and Yahoo
    We don’t have one person who rules the world… why should we have one or two people or companies governing the media we use everyday!
    It really gets you thinking about “do i think, act, feel a certain way because that is how I am? or because someone’s subconsciously been telling me my whole life?”
    they not only control the media but to an extent, us.
    Your blog reads very well =)

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