“Thanks to the proliferation of channels and the portability of new comput- ing and telecommunications technologies, we are entering an era where media will be everywhere and we will use all kinds of media in relation to each other. Our cell phones are not simply telecommunications devices; they also allow us to play games, download information from the internet and receive and send photographs or text messages.” (Jenkins, 2004 p34)


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Unlike other apps, Instagram was firstly introduced and only supported by iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. In April 2012, the app was introduced to Android camera phones. It has been a remarkable success with gaining users up to 150 million users with 16 billion photos shared and 1 billion likes each day! Developers are creating an Instagram API. From two and a half years ago, Instagram’s community allows users to share and capture amazing and eye-popping images with a variety of filters to add the extra flare on the images. To keep up with the development of current technologies and suitability of the users, Instagram has released and upgraded to a new feature which allows users to upload videos not more than 15 seconds to their account on June 2013.

Despite the emergence of other video apps such as Vine and Keek, Instagram decides to join the competition. As you may see, the graph shows the decline in Vine users as Instagram users are expanding non stop since the launch of it. No doubt the video recording feature would be very much welcomed by the users. Together with the introduction of Instagram to Androids and the new feature of recording and uploading videos




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