Addicted to Instagram? Can’t take your eyes off it?


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(Picture source)

The main audiences for Instagram are the users of Instagram, mainly the active consumers. The targeted audience for this platform are those aged 13 and above where they share their work through a form of picture post.

 Yes, certainly there is one distinct issue with the audience and Instagram. The excessively amount of time spent on the media by the users creates an apprehension of addiction to Instagram. Participation is addictive and it is hard to stop. To check their Instagram and other social networks the moment they open their eyes from a goodnight sleep is a sign to the first step of addiction. A detrimental effect of this addiction is the poor social interaction in everyday life that most of the audiences are facing right now especially after the rise of Smartphones back in 2007 when iOS and Android are introduced.

“You’ve got followers, friends, and even strangers liking what you did today. With every new notification, you get a little shot of dopamine (that’s the feel-good chemical that fires off in pleasure-seeking situations, as in jumping off a plane or, well, doing drugs). So, you want to keep pressing refresh to get another dose. And then, you realize that what’s happening in your real life isn’t nearly as exciting.” (Catanese, 2013)

“It can create a false sense of connection with people” says Sheri Meyers, PsyD, a therapist in Los Angeles. Instagram addicts might receive satisfaction from the positive comments and likes from randoms on their account thus creates excitement in the audiences and eventually prefers to be in the internet world than facing reality.

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