What is produsage?!



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Well, what exactly is Produsage? Corresponding to Bruns, “it is a term that highlights within the communities which engage in the collaborative creation and extension of information and knowledge that we examine on this site, the role of consumer and even that of end-user have long disappeared, and the distinctions between producers and users of content have faded into comparative insignificance.” (Bruns, 2007)

The app Instagram is an example of produsage. It carries information from users and also allows users to contribute their opinions through the form of photo and video-sharing components. The four main characteristics of produsage are:

  • organisational shift
  • fluid movement
  • unfinished, and continually under development
  • permissive regimes

Instagram started off as a photo-sharing app where users created their profiles for the purpose of sharing any random or unique snapshot as an album or collection of it. But after a period of time, an organisational shift is seen to be developing as companies and all types of groups started having their own accounts on Instagram to further promote their brands e.g. Nike.

It is a fluid movement. Instagram users consist of amateurs such as the beginners or just a casual user who uploads whatever they feel like. Instagram is also used by companies and groups to promote and increase awareness of their name.

Instagram is continually under development as it is now version 5.0.8 and it keeps on updating for better functions for users. Additional updated and attractive filters were added to satisfy and aid users to design a better photo.



Bruns, Axel (2007) Produsage: Towards a Broader Framework for User-Led Content Creation. In Proceedings Creativity & Cognition 6, Washington, DC.

Snurb. (2007). Welcome to Produsage.org. Available: http://produsage.org. Last accessed 14th April 2014


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