Enjoyed the BCM110 ride


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Sadly, it’s the end of our blogging journey for BCM110. Nooooooo! I’m actually getting used to this now. Anyway, it’s time for a self-reflection!

On one of the posts, we mentioned about the effects of media on the audiences. Do we blame the media for causing complications and rumours? Or do we blame the people who are in control of the media? It thought me how serious an effect through mass media can fall on a group of the audience and the consequences such as the false news of the missing plane MH370 left the victims’ loved ones in despair and misery. (but apparently now it’s floating somewhere around the Indian Ocean?)

The post that made a major impact on me and the one I’ve learnt the most is the one about the public sphere.  The public sphere is an open place where people gather their thoughts and intuition, no matter its concrete or phony. I’ve used the American-based TV show, Gossip Girl as an example of a contribution to the mediated public sphere where constructive and destructive criticism has been made throughout the years of broadcasting it. The public sphere brought an attention to how the TV show might corrupt and erroneously influence the teens.

I’ve learned that it is important to know who is controlling the media such as the newspaper you read, or the news channel you watch or listen to as it controls and limit the content that you’re about to absorb.

All in all, the way media have been used has been changing from time to time. Social medias are one of the highly favourable communication method in this era that we’re living in. BCM110 taught me a great deal about media and I hope it will continue cultivating me more about media.


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Till then, toodles!


Marsi, S. (2007). A Look at Gossip Girl Ratings, Viewers. Available: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2007/10/a-look-at-gossip-girl-ratings-viewers/. Last accessed 12th April 2014.


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One Response to Enjoyed the BCM110 ride

  1. blogmany says:

    I like the comment on how it’s important to know what media we’re consuming and who is controlling it. That’s probably the most detrimental thing citizens are falling to these days. So many people are being fed nothing but the Murdoch media and are only being subjected to a very specific side of things, and this can result in close-mindedness. This is especially relevant when it comes to politics. During the 2013 Federal Election, all of the Murdoch-owned media was producing such right winged reports and making everyone go against the Labor Party!

    Nice brief and insightful post!

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