It will be Instagramed one day.

Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience.” (Jenkins, 2007)

Simply said, transmedia redefines storytelling.

transmedia-storytelling11(Picture source)

An example of a transmedia storytelling is Pokemon owned by Nintendo and established by Satoshi Tajiri . It started as an anime series and was aired on the television and have been merchandise into video games (especially on GameBoy), books, manga, toys, trading cards and other various forms of media.

 Visual storytelling is rejuvenated. Photography emerges rapidly in becoming the lingua franca of the globalisation generation. Smartphones are now progressed to be the dominant source of creating and consuming digital media. Images are global, distributable and digestible.

Instagram my friend, is an example of a social media app that is capable of supplying distribution channels that would contribute meaningfully to a transmedia narrative. The growing appetite for photography or any visual images constitute to the transmediality of Instagram. Instagram allows users to upload their favourite character in Pokemon such as a Pikachu. It can be a drawing, illustration, a high score of their game or even a 15 seconds short snippet of the Pokemon movie or the video game. In addition, with the usage of #hashtags allows Instagram users to explore extensively and enable possible messages to be searched from others. If you type in #pokemon and there will be different forms of messages to be transmitted in connection to Pokemon.

Furthermore, Instagram allows Pokemon to be advertised widely through the sharing activity. For example, the work of the user are uploaded and it’s able to be shared to numerous social¬†platforms¬†such as Facebook or Twitter to be viewed more by society.



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