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This week’s topic has got nothing to do with our media platform but it is an interesting one I must say. Almost anything can be remixed into something new. Have you ever heard of a song that you knew on the radio but after 5 seconds into it you realised it’s actually another song? It happens once in a while.

In this blog post, I will be concentrating on the remixes of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Main producers of EDM are DJs that could be playing in clubs, parties or private events.

“Broadly, then, remix works are created by taking digital snippets from various sources and combining them to create a new work.” (Hetcher, 2009)

Remixes are impressive but infringement can be an issue because it has occur that many remixes contain unauthorised materials that are copyrighted. Remix is important in a sense they add more content and value to the original source. It starts up collaboration with different artists in a process of cultural and content mix. Then again, are the originals being left aside?

For example, Avicii‘s popular track, Levels was remixed by Skrillex and many other top DJs. But this track particularly caught my attention but others might find other remix of Levels better than Skrillex. Various remixes are produced to satisfy different preferences of electro music and especially in EDM, its one of the easiest way to create a remix as you add a little more bass and drops here and there and you’ll have a new remix! We all know it’s really hard to avoid remixes as technology and automation are at its best and people will not stop “copying”.

In my opinion, remixes are a way for others to create something new based on an original source.

Levels- Avicii (Skrillex remix)



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