“I’m with Julia Gillard in this.”

Misogyny? Sexism? Trolls? Racism? Just why?! What happened to equal rights? Don’t females and males breathe in the same air? All races drink and eat to survive?

“Go back to your kitchen!” is often a phrase used against women and I as a girl find that sexist and rude itself. In this post, I’m going to used the case study on Julia Gillard’s attack on sexism and misogyny.

Click this to watch a video about Julia’s speech

Julia Gillard was one of the most powerful woman in Australia. Despite the fact of other political issues, she stood up and defended against sexism and misogyny that happens between politicians especially between her and Tony Abbott. Gillard was the first female Australian leader, in fact in any leadership that dominantly expressed her displeased attack on misogyny.

The Australian Human Rights Commission declared that one in five women has somehow been sexually harassed in the workplace. Monash Unversity also analysed that women are highly unrepresented in the media workforce as they hold only 10% of positions in Australia.

Abbott declares that men were more adapted than women in commanding and claiming authorities. He also described Gillard as “a witch and another man’s bitch” (Rourke A, 2012). Such things that are worse than insults are being said to women all over the world not to forget sexual threats too.

Gillard outbursts towards Abbott, “If he wants to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia, he doesn’t need a motion in the House of Representatives. He needs a mirror” at one of the conference with the opposition party. Her words got almost every female’s attention including mine. Females are not objects, we are humans too!

“A 4-year-old girl from Canberra, when told that Australia had a new prime minister, said: “Really? What’s her name?” This, too, matters.” (Baird J,2013)

There should not be misogyny and sexism going on as we are living in the 21st Century. How would you feel if your wife/daughter/mother was a victim of misogyny? Say NO to misogyny and treat females equally!




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