Social media and the society

Blog 2: Critique or analyse a text.

Text article: The Negative Effect of Social Media on Society and Individuals


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As we all must definitely agree, social media is introduced into our lives as a platform for easier communication and to create better connections within individuals. Indeed, it brought diversification into the world such as connecting two people between two countries instantly becomes possible. Despite that, social media is recently being indicated as it brings negative impacts upon different people in different aspects.

As being mentioned in the article, some of the negative elements that can impact on society are:

  • false sense of connection
  • cyber-bullying
  • decreased productivity
  • lost of privacy

The article focuses on how social media can influence the society, in a negative way, that might harm us in the near future. For example, a false sense of connection might occur to an individual if they are overly obsessed with using it such as Facebook and Instagram. A very good example to explain this scenario is that when one is too concerned about how many likes or comments one gets from a post on Facebook or how many followers they have on Instagram. A blurred line is created between popularity and real connections by social media users. Quoted by anonymous, “Someone might have thousands of followers on Instagram but only have few friends in reality.” 

On top of that, a decrease in productivity might occur on a daily basis as I personally find myself wasting the first 15 minutes of the day, scrolling through my news feed, be it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, that’s the first thing I do every morning. In between classes, on the train and bus, while walking(!), you’ll see people with mobile phones on their hands as if social media has turned us into walking robots. We get so distracted by ‘who posted what on Facebook’ and ‘how many likes I have on this photo on Instagram’ so much so that we do not realise how much time we’ve wasted. 

Social media as such also tend to put our privacy at risk while using it in a way that our private details are vulnerable and easier to obtain by others. This can be seen through this clear example where Facebook Messenger by Facebook requires a mobile number input in order to use it and it is displayed on your Facebook automatically. This shows how easy it is for someone to access personal details on social media and how easy it is for someone to expose their private details unknowingly that might be dangerous at times.



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Hopefully this article and post would create a better image of how social media is truly affecting users like us on a daily basis!


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