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Finally! It is the last blog post for this subject, BCM210. I can’t believe we’re halfway through this journey already but I’m glad this would be the final and last post, hopefully it’ll be a good one.

Blog 5: Conduct a short interview


We are told to conduct a short interview based on our second assignment which was to come up with a topic to conduct a survey and interview with a focus group. My team members, Max, Ellen and myself have come up with an amazing topic which is the use and effects of online streaming in free-to-air television and Foxtel. We chose this topic because we feel that is relevant as Netflix is just newly being introduced in Australia and it might have an effect on the users especially those who are actively watching movies/shows via streaming or downloading.

The three of us has used the time given in our tutorial today to discuss and agree with some questions that will potentially help us in our surveys and interviews. We gave a trial and error test on few of our questions by conducting an interview between the three of us to come up with some answers and this is how it went:


Question 1: Prior to the arrival of Netflix in Australia, how did you obtain videos online?

– If I’m watching a TV show, I usually stream it and watch it online through a website given by my friend. Other videos will be through YouTube.

Question 2: Would you consider piracy a form of theft? If so, why?

– Yes, because it would a huge disadvantage to the original right holders and it’s a form of copying from the original source. You wouldn’t want people to be copying your stuffs and making it free for viewing to everyone in the world.

Question 3: Does the cost of online streaming affects the way you access tv shows/movies/etc online? Why?

– Yes because sometimes to stream online might be costly and why pay when you can its available on the internet for free?

Question 4: The introduction of netflix will decrease the amount of illegal downloads. How strongly do you agree/disagree with this statement?

– I kind of disagree because different people have different perception of Netflix being introduced in Australia. Some might continue to download illegally instead of paying a single cent


These are some examples of questions we all agree on to have it on our survey. Hopefully we will get some amazing responses back from the surveys and ace our second assignment together! Good luck to all BCM210 students for the next assignment and let’s all pass this subjects with flying colours and hopefully we won’t need to re-take this ever again!




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